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A boy killed because of PUBG GAME

A boy is killed because of PUBG in Kurdistan while they are pretending to playing game in real life with real gun.

According to boy who shot other friend did not know the gun is loaded.

The two young men were part of a group of six youths from the town of

Pirmam picnicking at a nearby resort area outside Warte sub-district.

While staying at a house belonging to one of their relatives, they found the firearm.

“As they were getting ready to return home, the youths said they should roleplay PUBG,”

 “And then, one of the friends asked another to hold the gun like PUBG and had someone else shoot a video.

“PUBG, short for PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, is an extremely popular online multiplayer game where dozens of players compete for the top spot, with sessions lasting up to an hour.

Hawdiyani continued the story of the incident, as he said had been told.

“All of them were unaware that the gun was loaded,” he said, and after

playing around with the shotgun for some time, “the one brandishing the weapon shot his friend, who died shortly after”.

He added that the victim was a 22 year-old male named Aso Azad Mohammed.

His five friends were all detained after the police learned of the incident and upon questioning, told the police that they were “roleplaying” the

mobile game, which has been the cause of some previous controversy in the Kurdistan Region.I


Because of this game the muslim coummunity   decision came during a meeting between the members of the Fatwa Committee of Sulaimani,

a city in the Kurdistan Region.

After they had received complaints from family members or relatives of people reportedly “addicted”

so to playing the game is creating familial disputes.

And the police spokesperson said that the initial arrest of

the five young men on Friday came on the basis of Article 205 of the Iraqi penal code. 

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